About our program

Do you show films in their original version?

We do. Sundays after 5pm and Mondays all-day long. Shows that are marked “OmU” are being screened in their original version with German subtitles. Exceptions: Some special events or festivals we are hosting show films in their original version only (OV= no subtitles) or in their original version with English subtitles (OmeU)

How can I find out about your upcoming program and special events?

We release our programming for the upcoming week (Thursday to Wednesday) on Monday afternoons on our website. To check out our special events, festivals and films in their original version („Filme im Original mit Untertiteln“) please klick on the tab Besonderes & Events and look out for playtimes that are marked OmU (original version with german subtitles) or OV (original version without subtitles). The tab Vorschau gives you an overview of upcoming releases.

FSK / PG-Guidelines

We strictly stick to the german FSK regulations (parental guidance). Any information on PG-ratings and age restrictions can be found here.

About our theatres

Which theaters are barrier-free?

The large screening-room (Lumière) in Cinéma is the only one accessible without any barriers. Please note that the restrooms are not accessible with a wheelchair. To access Eldorado please keep in mind that there is a step of about 7 cm that needs to be passed. To access Harmonie a stairway of 4 steps needs to be passed. If you want to see a film which is programmed in a screening-room that is not accessible for you, please get in contact with us via mail and we will try to find a possibility.

At what times do you open?

All our movie theaters open their doors 30 minutes prior to the first show.

I lost/forgot something at Cinema/ Harmonie/ Eldorado. How do I get in contact with you?

Please write us an email (info(at)arthouse-kinos.de) giving precise information about the lost object, cinema, screening room and date/time of screening. Our theater-managers will contact you asap. 

DO YOU SERVE VEgan Snacks?

Of course we do. Popcorn, Nachos, Pretzels and some of our cakes are vegan. Please ask our staff for more information. Please note, that our products may contain traces of nuts. 

Questions regarding our technical equipment

You will find some information, such as pictures and quantities, here. For more or specific information please feel free to get in contact with us info(at)arthouse-kinos.de

Can we bring dogs or other pets to the screening?

Unfortunately, no. Animals, which size soever are not allowed in our cinemas.

Office Hours

On weekdays you can reach us between 10am and 5pm by phone: +49 (0)69 60607251.

Or get in contact with us via mail: info(at)arthouse-kinos.de

About (private) bookings

Do you offer private-screenings (private/business)?

We do. All of our screening rooms can be rented out for special occasions (company festivities, birthday parties, private-screenings). Prices depend on the requested time and day of the week. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us: info(at)arthouse-kinos.de

I’m an educator / teacher / voluntary worker and want to bring my class / group. Is there a minimum number of attendees?

The minimum number of attendees starts at 20. Accompanying teachers are free of charge. For film requests and applications feel free to contact us via mail: info(at)arthouse-kinos.de

Can I host a children’s birthday party at Arthouse Kinos Frankfurt?

Yes. We can arrange a private screening for a minimum group of 20, otherwise we are more than happy to take your reservation for one of our regular shows. For more details, please contact us via mail: info(at)arthouse-kinos.de

Can I find material on certain films concerning media education?

If you are planning on organizing a screening for school-kids/ young audiences you can get in contact with the distribution company to receive material or contact us on that matter. Our series “Maxis Kinderkino” (once a quarter) presents short films for young children including an in-house moderation (shows and moderation are held in German).

About our ticketing

How do I get a “Filmfreund:in” member card?

Our member card “Filmfreund:in”, for those who intend to come more regularly, can be purchased at our ticket counters. It is valid for one year, costs 18€, and gives a 2€ discount on every regular show (including the already reduced Kino-Tuesday and our live screening from the Royal Opera House London)

I have purchased tickets for a show but am not able to attend. Can I cancel and get a refund?

Yes. Tickets that have been purchased on our website can be canceled up to one hour prior to the start of the show. To do so, please scroll down in your received ticket-mail, klick the button “Karten stornieren” and follow the instructions. Tickets that were purchased at our ticket counters can be cancelled before the start of the show at our ticket counters. You will get a full refund.

Do I have to buy tickets in advance?

We recommend to do so. You can purchase tickets at our ticket counters, on our website or make a reservation via phone (069 870088088). Please note that reserved tickets must be picked up at one of our ticket counters at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the show. Otherwise we'll have to cancel the reservation and sell the tickets to those waiting in line.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

You can purchase gift vouchers online or at our ticket counters. Plese note: Online vouchers can only be redeemed within our online ticketing. Vouchers, purchased at our ticket counters, can only be redeemed at the ticket counter itself and can not be used online.  

Do you offer discounts?

You can find an overview of our price reductions and discounts here.

What is the `Kulturpass` and how does it work?

Kulturpass is a government based project for 18 year olds to promote culture and art. Teens having their 18th birthday within the calendar-year of 2023 are qualified for a voucher with an amount of 200€ and enabled to spend it on products and services regarding culture and art, such as cinema tickets. More information and a guideline on how to activate the Kulturpass can be found here


MUBI GO subscribers can claim one free ticket each week to see the newest Film of the Week selection playing in Arthouse Kinos Frankfurt. This film is displayed in the MUBI GO app, along with the relevant showtimes. On the day you wish to attend, you can choose a screening time from the list. This will generate a QR code, to be presented at the box office and exchanged for a ticket. Please note: Your ticket can only be redeemed 60 minutes (or less) prior to the screening. Your issued QR code does not count as a reservation. If a screening is sold out before you claim your ticket, you will need to select another showtime. The MUBI GO Ticket cannot be held, reserved, or booked in advance on the phone, online, or in person. For further questions please contact the support team of MUBI.

ACCESS ALL ARTHOUSES - Die jahreskarte 2024

All information concerning the AAA annual cinema pass can be found here (german language)
If you need specific information in english, please feel free to contact us at info@arthouse-kinos.de